Fake proletariat. The “new proletariat” (probably accidentally) formed from people who thought of themselves as oppressed by society. This is very important: the oppressed elements were, more or less, plucked from the society and then set off on the society itself, within the framework of fighting for the rights. Those are the “globalized people’s masses” - the lower-class people who allied with the supranational elite. This new proletariat received hefty bonuses. Leaders and activists received teaching grants and seats in various committees and funds. Bards and chroniclers got financial and information support. The ordinary fake proletarians received direct and indirect benefits and the things produced by the first two categories: mass propaganda and mass culture. Why do we call this proletariat a fake one? Because it had never opposed the super-elite. They have never questioned the basic inequality of opportunity. They have only fought against the “secondary” inequality: gender, sexual, racial, the only result being the “right of oppressed minorities to get some privileged handouts. The weakest spot of the fake proletariat is that they only can act if they’re supported by sponsors, either directly or indirectly. As soon as sponsors pull out, the fake proletariat becomes marginalized again and decreases greatly in size.

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