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"Janne NummelaLevel Crossing, free internet release, Eg0cide Productions, France, March 2016 [24bit FLAC files on Archive.org]
Another quality release from Eg0cide Productions [Twitter] – the experimental music label curated by French guitarist The Ghost Between The Strings since 2007 – after the superb CD-R by Parisian electronic improv duo Onde Poussière in December 2015 [reviewed here].
Finnish polymath Janne Nummela, born 1973, is both a painter (specialist of the paper marbling technique known as Ebru), a poet (using cut-up and Oulipo-inspired constrained writing, creating search engine-based poems), and a classically-trained experimental musician [see interview here]. While in previous albums Nummela explored post-serialist techniques applied to MIDI sounds, microtonal guitar and occasional strange vocals – particularly in his magnum opus, the 2-hour Kosmoskalevala from 2013 [Archive.org]–, this new album focuses entirely on computer-generated analog synth textures arranged into electroacoustic music soundscapes, musique concrète evocations, contemporary music traits and irregular rhythms. Sounds are extremely detailed and precise, clarity of production enhancing the various nuances, which is especially striking in the FLAC files. Except for the opening and closing tracks, the dozen compositions are rather short, just long enough in fact to create an atmosphere, present a sound combination and introduce a few variations or counterpoint. Nummela organizes sounds with great assurance throughout, as someone who have mastered all the above-mentioned musical genres and is able to craft his own musical language, which is actually quite unique, I find."

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