Vaan ei alkanut vielä toimia Internet 1.0 kristallipallolla. Luulen että ilman taikalääkettä tältä teknologialta on turha odottaa teräväpiirtoista ohjelmalähetystä.
Amerikkalainen liikemiesmystikko L. W. de Laurence tunnetaan lähinnä siitä, että hän estoitta plagioi Arthur Edward Waiten tarotklassikon Pictorial Key to the Tarot ja S.L. MacGregor Mathersin version The Key of Solomon grimoiresta omiin nimiinsä myyntitarkoituksiinsa. L. W. de Laurence oli myös muuta, mm. Internet-teknologian varhainen kehittäjä. Tässä valikoitu lainaus teoksesta Message to All Mystics (1910):

"Neither money nor position will buy true knowledge, nor can they destroy true knowledge."

"If you wish to succeed, disassociate yourself with any individual whose sole object and pursuit is financial gain, or who is of a mercenary nature."

"One Convexo-Concave superior transparent glass which has a perfect and complete sphericity of form on the properly indicated side; manufactured by a certain secret process and formed by infusing silicious matter with fixed alkalies; but so constructed that it possesses none of the qualities of the lens, so that rays of Astral light passing through it are not made to change their direction or to magnify or diminish objects at a certain distance, as does the crystalline humour of the human eye."

"In other words, this exclusive Convexo-Concave superior transparent glass must be so made by a special process that it has no mitigating, assuasive or lenitive qualities whatsoever. Its exact size must be 5 9/16 × 7 10/16 inches. Next obtain a sufficient amount of a secret bituminiferous substance like that used by the ancient mystics and old philosophers for this very purpose. Also one small brush; very fine. The entire cost of the above materials, securely packed and sent in a special mailing case to any postoffice address in the world, should not exceed the amount of $3.00. The materials referred to above were positively, previous to this communication, not obtainable anywhere in the world arranged ready for instant use. The secret bituminiferous substance to be used for coating your Magic Mirror, and the fine brush also to be used to apply the coating, you must obtain as told above, of Messrs. de Laurence, Scott & Co."
"These Convexo-Concave superior glasses for making the Magic Mirrors are prepared especially for this purpose and are only sold by Messrs. de Laurence, Scott Co., who are the biggest and only official dealers in these materials as well as standard Occult, Spiritual and Magical books and Temple Incense in the world. They are also official and direct importers, maintaining permanent offices and connections in India and the Orient for the importing of such materials as Temple Incense and costly essences which are used by the Priests and Mystics in the Orient and Hindu Occult Chambers. These particular superior transparent glasses, from which a Magic Mirror can be made, can not be obtained of anyone in the world outside of Messrs. de Laurence, Scott Co.

So, unless you know that your dealer obtains them from this firm direct, you have no assurance they are genuine. Unless they are genuine and made after the special process as above, they will fail to serve the purpose for which you have obtained them. To prevent this, obtain materials direct from this firm, or tell your dealer to do so. To prevent the sale of spurious materials for the making of genuine Opaque Magic Mirrors by unscrupulous dealers who will be anxious to supply you after the publication and circulation of this message, you should write Messrs. de Laurence, Scott Co., direct and they will advise you by return mail whether your dealer is obtaining his materials from them or not, or whether he is imposing upon you. They also sell, at a small cost, an excellent sphere or Crystal, which no Mystic or Adept ever thinks of being without. A Mystic or real Adept would be in no better shape to carry on Occult or Mystical work without his Rock Crystal or "Hindu Beryl," or an imported "Astral Sphere," than would a man who tried to write with no ink in his pen.

Messrs. de Laurence, Scott & Co. have on exhibition in their offices a genuine Rock Crystal or Hindu Beryl—imported Astral Sphere—value of which is $150.00, the same being the personal property of Dr. L. W. de Laurence, who has repeatedly refused $500 cash for it. Students and Mystics as well as others owe much to this progressive firm, whose business has increased so rapidly that they have been compelled to move in larger quarters, and there is a possibility that they may be compelled to erect their own building as their business is increasing daily. This firm imports from the Orient and Europe and in turn exports books and other goods to every country in the world. Dr. L. W. de Laurence's name is as well known in South Africa, Gold Coast Africa, India and British West Indies as it is in Europe and the United States."

"It's well for you to know these things, which are true, for no man in the world today can produce the results that Dr. de Laurence has. He has written and published and put into circulation a larger number of standard Occult works than any man who has ever lived before in the world, and it is unlikely that any one man ever will equal this great master in this respect."

""The Great Book of Magical Art," Hindu Magic and East India Occultism, a large volume weighing six pounds, was issued ten years ago by him. All admit that this work is the only reliable and standard work on this subject in print. The first edition, owing to the great cost of publishing, were sold for $12.00 per copy. Dealers in rare books bought this work through their puppets and resold it for $25.00, $50.00 and $150.00 a copy. Dr. de Laurence immediately stopped its publication for three years, being greatly displeased at this. Messrs. de Laurence, Scott Co. now sell this celebrated volume, bound in full cloth, for $6.75, prepaid. This of course killed the rare-book dealers' little game. It is needless to say that any work which has sold day in and day out for ten years and is still enjoying a large sale is a Standard work."

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