Olen epäillyt Gurdjieffia piilomonarkistiksi, mutta BT:n sivulla 1042 (kappleen 42 lopussa) tämä epäilys tehdään tyhjäksi:

“Concerning specially what is called the ‘degree of degeneration’ of the common presences of those who compose this contemporary large group on the continent America, in respect of the loss of possibilities for the acquisition of Being nearer to the normal Being of three-brained beings in general, I can tell you something somewhat consoling for them, namely, that in my opinion there remains among them the largest percentage of beings in whose presences the said possibility is not entirely lost.
“Although this new group is composed of and still continues to be increased by three-brained beings breeding on the continent of Europe, where for such beings with the aforementioned possibilities it is already necessary, particularly in recent times, as our wise Teacher Mullah Nassr Eddin says on such occasions, ‘to look specially with the most powerful electric arc lamps,’ nevertheless, I repeat, in this large group there is a larger percentage of such beings than on the continent of Europe.
“It seems to me that this has happened because there have migrated there, and still now migrate from the continent of Europe, beings chiefly from among what are called the ‘simple beings’ who are not, so to say, the ‘hereditary offspring’ of the European beings belonging to the ‘ruling caste’ in whom, thanks to transmission by inheritance from generation to generation during long centuries of predisposition to Hasnamussian properties, there is at the present time so much of what is called ‘inner swagger’ that it would never permit them to blend with the general mass in order to strive together with common efforts to become such three-brained beings as they should be.

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