What, exactly, is your dream?
What would it look like?
How would you feel?
For some people a dream castle
is a castle that strikes them with
awe as soon as they enter in.
What exactly is your dream?
Maybe I can give you some suggestions.
If you want to pursue your dream
you need to know exactly what this dream is.
Are you dreaming of me?
What is it exactly that you want?
Get it clear and write it all down.
What exactly is dream?
To make a living as a shit-selling artist?
If that's all it is, that's totally doable at any age.
What exactly is dream?
If you have undefined desires,
how can those desires come to fruition?
I don't know what exactly is my dream
but I can still help you.
Maybe my dream is that you have a dream.
I moved here so I could picture my ideal dream.
If I don't get anything from it
I'll be moving again.

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