Gurdjieff sanoo BT:n kappaleessa 42. Yhdysvaltojen yhteiskuntarakenteen kohtalosta suurinpiirtein sen, mitä olen itse kymmenen vuotta toistanut. Nyt luin tänään ensimmäisen kerran tämän äärimmäisen tärkeän kohdan. Amerikkalaiset itse tiedostavat nykyisin tämän aktuaalisen tilansa todella hyvin, samoin kuin kaikki venäläiset jotka ovat asuneet joskus Yhdysvalloissa. Amerikkalainen porno myös heijastaa tätä yhteiskunnallista ongelmaa. Pornon yleismaailmallisuus taas kertoo sen, että tämä ongelma on nykyisin laajemmalle levinnyt kuin Gurdjieffin aikana. Suomalaisten tietämättömyyttä kuvaa hyvin se, että suomalaiset eivät voi millään käsittää tällaisia tosiasioita.

“From Chicago I returned again to New York and, as all my projects for the fulfillment of which I had come to this continent were then unexpectedly rapidly and rather successfully actualized, and seeing that the surrounding circumstances and conditions of the ordinary existence of the three-brained beings of that city turned out to be corresponding to what was required for my periodic complete rest which had already become customary for me during my last personal sojourn on the surface of your planet, I decided to stay there longer and exist with the beings there merely according to the being-associations inevitably flowing in me.


“Existing in the said way in this central point of the beings of this big contemporary group and rubbing shoulders on various occasions with the various types among them, I just then—without any premeditation but thanks only to my acquired habit of collating material, so to say ‘by the way,’ for those statistics of mine, which, as I have already told you, I gathered during the whole of my last personal sojourn among your favorites for the purpose chiefly of comparing the extent to which all the illnesses and all the strange what are called ‘being subjective vices’ existing among the beings of the different groups are spread—constated a fact which greatly interested me, namely, the fact that in the common presences of almost half of all the three-brained beings I met there, the proceeding functioning of the transformation of the first being-food is disharmonized, that is, as they themselves would say, their digestive organs are spoiled; and that almost a quarter of them have or are candidates for that form of disease specific to beings there, which they call ‘impotence,’ thanks just to which disease a great many of the contemporary beings of your planet are forever deprived of the possibility of continuing their species.


“When I chanced to constate this, a great interest in the beings of just this new group arose in me, and I thereupon changed my previously determined mode of existence among them and allotted half my time from my personal rest to special observation and investigation of the causes of this fact—for me so strange and for them so deplorable. In pursuit of this aim I even took occasion to visit various other provincial points of the beings of this new contemporary group, though I stayed nowhere more than one or two days with the exception of the city ‘Boston,’ or, as it is sometimes called, ‘the city of the people who escaped race degeneration.’ There I existed for a whole week.


“And so, as a result of these observations and statistical investigations of mine, it became clear that both these aforesaid diseases, which to a certain extent are prevalent among the contemporary beings in general who breed on all continents, are on this continent so inordinately widespread that its proximate consequences were immediately patent to me, namely, that if it continues among them at the present rate, then just the same fate will befall this contemporary large independent group of three-brained beings who have taken your fancy as recently befell that large community there which was called ‘monarchic Russia,’ that is to say, this group also will be destroyed.


“The difference will be only in the process of the destruction itself. The process of the destruction of the large community ‘monarchic Russia proceeded in consequence of the abnormalities of, so to say, the Reason of the power-possessing beings there, whereas the process of the destruction of this community America will proceed in consequence of organic abnormalities. In other words, the ‘death’ of the first community came from, as they say, the ‘mind’ whereas the death of the second community will come from the ‘stomach and sex’ of its beings.


“The point is, that it has long ago been determined that in general the possibility of long existence for a three-brained being of your planet depends at the present time exclusively only on the normal action of these two aforementioned being-functions, namely, upon the state of their as they say ‘digestion’ and upon the functioning of their ‘sex organs.’


“But it is precisely these two functionings necessary to their common presence, which are now both going in the direction of complete atrophy; and moreover, at a highly accelerated tempo.

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